And why it earned less than 1 dollar


Like all great thrillers, this story started with a scream.

It was 3 AM. I was on the toilet scrolling through my Medium statistics when a few big numbers jumped out at me. An old article had reached a thousand views in less than two weeks.

I get 20…

The boy stuck between two lovers

Who am I?

A question I have struggled with from the moment I realized I was a single soul floating in an infinite space with billions of beautiful souls behind me, billions alongside me, and billions more before me. (A line inspired by the movie “Soul”)

If you break down…

A few hasty words written in rhyme

Oh how, oh why, oh where is what’s mine,
In search of what’s lost, rusted, divine,
I plead, please! Just show me a sign,
Flashing lights, distractions, a dozen, a dime.

Let’s make some music! A small boy chimes,
Like the good old days, devoid of deadlines,
I stare at the keys…


The road to fudge is paved with failure

I came. I cooked. I failed.

I cooked again. Then conquered!

I have always had a complicated relationship with fudge. We have gone on many dates in the past, but they always end in delicious disasters. I don’t know if it’s me or her. …


A poem/sudden rant

This is not a poem with a message profound,
Just a little rant related to an irritating rat that ran around,
Skittering, scampering, and scrambling on the table it clowned,
Knocked over my mug, leaving the handle shattered, unbound.


Dissecting a delicious baking conundrum

They say,

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I say,

A fast-approaching expiry date is the drunk stepmother of cookie conundrums.

One must never rush baking. It is a delicate balance of preparation, practice, and patience. Unfortunately, someone lacked all of the above during his latest baking session. This resulted…


A silly poem

Bang! The thunder crackles as the midnight sky sang,
Boom! The windows slam screaming out from the room,
Poof! Goes the fuse, smoke rising to the roof,
Boo! Comes the ghosts while I’m blind in the loo.

Bump! My toes hit the door, cursing loudly I jump,
Ow! My scream is…

A few statistical tricks that make numbers stink

Numbers don’t lie. But, people do.
If we try hard enough, we can shape numbers to fit our own point of view.

During the past year, we have all been intimately familiar with graphs flashing across our screens. Be it COVID-19, the recent election results, or the massive meme stock…


According to a somewhat successful speaker with examples

There is nothing quite like hooking up with an old flame.

You see her from afar in her Sunday best. You recognize the subtle details like the cute dimples that pinch her cheek, how her smile favors the left side a wee bit, and the way her hair cascades down…

A few words from a guy that listened to a sad song

It hurts,

The pinpricks that sting your fingertips as you sew,

The desperate cry of the poor little stubbed toe,

The words unsaid and the words that hit home,

When you ask for help and the answer is no.

Smothered in silence, the little things will grow,

Feasting on joy…

Kasun Ranasinghe

Amateur writer, storyteller, speaker, and engineer.

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